High input

Breed profitable cows that thrive in higher performance systems.

Our high input selection index helps you select bulls that are more likely to breed daughters that will deliver production, fertility and longevity in high milk production herds. 

How the high input selection index works

Our high input index focuses on four important traits that a dairy cow needs to perform at its best within a high milk production (yield) system.

These traits are:

  • udder support
  • capacity
  • udder overall
  • functional survival

The index focuses on these four traits in conjunction with the other important profitability traits found in Breeding Worth (BW) to identify those animals best suited to very high production farms.

Use the high input selection index to identify bulls most suited to your system, with the aim of breeding the best suited cows for increased milk production, wherever in the world you’re farming.

Choose bulls specifically selected for higher input systems

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