Organic Semen

Breed organic dairy cows using our BioGro New Zealand certified semen, suitable for organic dairy farms.

BioGro_organic_logoAll the semen collected and processed by LIC is certified by BioGro New Zealand and is suitable to use on organic dairy farms. 

BioGro certification is internationally recognised and accredited, meeting international organic regulations in key export markets.

For further information visit BioGro’s website. 

Meet the standards for organic systems

Our BioGro certification means organic farmers can be confident that the semen they use from LIC bulls meets the standards for organic systems.

The certification applies to semen collected and processed at our facilities from the three main dairy breeds:

  • Holstein Friesian
  • Jersey (including Jersey Future) 
  • KiwiCross®

It also applies to the Hereford bulls we use in our No Choice beef and SGL semen packs.

The BioGro certification means that most LIC bulls can be used on organic dairy farms including sexed semen.

Semen that is not certified as organic

Semen that is collected or processed at other facilities is not certified as organic. This includes sexed semen, and semen from the following breeds:

  • Ayrshire 
  • all beef breeds apart from Hereford.
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