Farmer story

Josh and Lauren - Dairy UK Farmer of the Year 2023 finalists

What gets you to the finals of Dairy Farmer of the Year?

Josh and Lauren, from Hampreston Manor Farm, secured a position as one of the top three finalists for the 2023 Famers Weekly Dairy Farmer of the Year award. So, let’s find out a little more about Josh & Lauren and the drivers of success behind their farming business.

The LIC experience

In June 2023, seven Chilean dairy farmers travelled to New Zealand for a bespoke farm tour. The objective? To discover what makes New Zealand dairy farmers some of the most productive, profitable and resilient dairy farmers in the world.

The Rogers on their New Zealand dairy farm in Taupiri, Waikato

On the fast track

A programme of consistent genetic gain, recording accuracy, and calf quality is the key to success on the Rogers’ Taupiri Farm in Waikato, New Zealand.

Australian dariy farmer Simon Scott has never strayed from LIC genetics

During reinvention, some things never change

During a time of huge change and reinvention on Simon Scott’s farm in south-west Victoria, Australia, one thing has remained steady – Simon has never strayed from LIC genetics.

LIC young dairy famers the Johnstons

Showcasing young Aussie farmers, Bec and Brayden Johnston

In 2017 Brayden Johnston’s parents bought a farm and employed Bec and Brayden to manage it. The young couple were pleased to discover that their new herd was bred from top-quality LIC genetics. They have spent the past five years since developing the cows and improving the property.

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